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Imagine he cheats on you.


you: how could you cheat on me?! after all we been thru ??
Louis: baby! i was drunk! please don’t leave me!
you: louis, i don’t even want to see you any more!

you grabbed your bag and started to leave his flat. you could’nt believe he was at a party with the guys and started to snog with a blonde whore. he ran up to you and hugged you. You fighted all you could to get out. but he was too strong. so you gave up. at this time you stated to sobbing.

you: louis..i don’t want to be cheated..
Louis: and you will never be that again! just, baby plz don’t go away..we can work this out!
you: no, i don’t wanna see you any more..
Louis: baby, (he lifted your chin up so you can see his wet eyes, he was crying) please, please please! i can’t live without you. You are the one and only for me, i did’nt know what i was doing! please..

you did’nt know what to do, you felt sorry for him.. you will never ever leave him, (you kissed his lips)

You: okay, but never again. okay?
Louis: (kisses you) never ever.


you were checking your twitter when you saw that a fan had posted a pic with Liam and a girl kissing on. It was definetly took your phone and locked it up.  nothing, he did’nt even bother to tell you about this. you called him.

Liam: hey beautiful! (he heard that you were crying) What’s wrong? 
you: don’t even think about acting like you don’t know!
Liam: I’ts about that brunette , right? well-(you interupted)
Liam: hey! calm down! i’m coming to your flat!
you: NO! YOU ARE- (he hung up)

you putted your phone down with shaking hands. you ran down to lock the door , but he was all ready here. 

Liam: baby, i don’t know what i was doing.!
you: that is NOT an excuse!
Liam: (he hugged you and you just wanted to feel his warm body so you hugged him back) Y/N i love you and nobody else! if you leave me i can’t live with the fact that i hurted you please don’t leave me.

you saw that he was crying so you kissed him. he looked confused but kissed you back.

you: never again, i love you too much to leave you , Liam.
Liam: i promise , beautiful.


 You were at Harrys flat and looked at the news. Harry was in the kitchen cooking popcorn. 

TV: exclusive news! Harry Styles from One Direction have been cheating on his girlfriend! (a photo came up with Harry and a blonde snogging up at a bar)

harry came in in the room and saw the picture and than looked at you and you were so hurted and cried and pushed him out of your way and was about to leave the flat. 

you: OMG HARRY?!
Harry: Baby! I’m SO SORRY!!
you: don’t even think about talkning to me anymore!
Harry: (he came up and hugged you so you could’nt excape ) baby, (he was crying) please don’t go..i can’t live without you!
you: you should have thought about that before kissing another whore like that!
harry: i’m so sorry, there is no excuse for that (he was sobbing) what i did was so wrong. Because damn it! You are perfect! Why in the world would i cheat on you?! I’M SO STUPID! (he threw a table at the floor)
You: (scared) harry, calm down..
Harry: NO! what i did was so stupid!
you: yes, but i still love you, and i allways will. (you kissed him) 


(phone call)
Niall: Hey princess!
you: do you call the other one that to?
Niall: what are you talking about?
you: you know exactly.
Naill: Coming to you NOW!
you: NO YOU’RE- (he hung up)

you sat there in the kitchen wanted to die. You saw a pic at twitter and it was definetly Niall kissing a blonde chick. so you called him and he is on his way to you now. 


Niall:  hey, (he hugged you but you pushed him away)
you: i don’t even understand, after all we been thru?! (you fainted of all this and the last thing you heard was Niall screaming your name)

Niall: hey beautiful! are you okay? you fainted and- (you interupted)
You:Niall, i’m so sorry. i love you (you kissed him)
Naill: Hey! i am the one who should be sorry! (kisses you passionatly)
You: one last chance, ok ? 


Zayn: not cheat!, i’m just good at monopoly!

(bestest bf ever!)


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